Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eat A Peach

Or so say the Allman Brothers. Aren't they lovely? They are in my mother-in-law's orchard. I'm going to miss this place. We're off for back-to-back weeks for vacation with both sides of the family. I may write a lot. I may not write at all. I will definitely be eating peaches.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breaking the Silence, Showing our Face

I know I have sorely neglected this spot lately, but I am afraid that is just the way it is. It is going to be awfully silent around here and then may have to be shut down entirely once we move. I am working on finding a way to keep a blog overseas that won't compromise our security there.

There is so very much to do to get read for this move overseas. So. Very. Much. I am tired and overwhelmed and leaning more into God's grace and love and faithfulness every day. So many thoughts come and go before I have a chance to write and work them out here. But there are very good moments in the midst of the busy-ness.

We have such very, very good friends and such a very, very amazing church. We have wonderful family. We are enjoying baby goats. Check out my photo in my header. This is the first time I have shown the faces of my sweet boys in this space. Please respect my desires for their security and just enjoy the sweet photo. I am actually showing you a peek of my boys because I adore the way Hobbes is looking at the goat and the way you can see Linus' amazingly long lashes when he is looking down. Life is good, and getting to Asia will be good. The harder we work, I am learning, the better it is.