Saturday, December 27, 2008

On Choosing a Name

A conversation at our house last night:

Daddy: "What do you think of baby (first name)?"

Calvin: "I have told you guys thirty-seven times. His name is NOT (first name)! It's Gandalf Wall-E! Why do you keep calling him (first name)?"

Maybe I should call him Gandalf Wall-E on this blog? Nah...But what then?


wheelsonthebus said...

we had the same problem with Z. Lilah was the name he insisted upon, so i made it her blog name.

Catherine said...

Ha ha! I'm having the same problem and was just about to blog about it. Whenever we use baby's real name, Asher says "No like (that name). One name. Little Bee."

Rachel said...


Em the luddite said...

By the way, now that Baby Moe is around, you need to edit the "About Me" on your page.