Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Adult

Life with Calvin has been difficult lately, and that is an understatement. Most days are exhausting and leave me feeling like a failure. Then I have days like today, where he is charming and sweet and funny and kind, reminding me of the gem that is hiding under all of that anger and rebellion. On these days, the clever and grown-up things he says leave me laughing instead of angry. Two gems from today, which would be much better if I could record them with all of their adult intonation and seriousness:

Calvin, speaking to his Nana when they passed a restaurant we often eat at after church:
"Oh, Nana! We HAVE to eat there today. They make the BEST grilled cheese sandwich!"

A conversation about a broken bath crayon at bathtime tonight:
Calvin: "I'm sorry I broke that."
Me: "It's okay, honey, it was just a bath crayon."
Calvin: "Oh no! It was SO MUCH more than that!"

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evenshine said...

For some reason my blog reader didn't pick this one up. I love Calvinisms. That last one is GREAT. Kids' comedic timing is fabulous.