Friday, March 7, 2008

Graces Undeserved and Shared

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My dear friend, Em, recently wrote a post about God giving "alleluias" on her Lent. (For those of you aren't part of a liturgical, Christian tradition, we don't use the word "alleluia" in our worship during Lent, the most somber part of the church year.) It does seem to me that, as I focus on repentance and discipline during this season, God's graces are being displayed everywhere. Even in a somber season of reflection, His mercies and love are abundant and joyous. Perhaps it is the exceptionally warm weather. Spring is coming early here, with daffodils and crocuses in full bloom, trees with buds preparing to open up, and flowering bushes displaying their brilliant colors. Perhaps it is the rain, so much rain, soaking the earth of our town, which has seen so little rain over the past year. It is not enough to fill the lakes to the top, but it is a start. Those things are a glimpse of the new life coming with Easter.

But there is more. As I think about my sinfulness, as I fast and pray, as I meditate on Christ's sufferings, what I see are His graces. Other than our family fast, my Lenten observances have been sporadic at best. When I do take time to meditate on the cross, however, I am not burdened by my failures, simply filled with gratitude at His unfailing love. I can never do enough or be enough, that is what grace is all about. His gifts are so abundant.

And so I give thanks. Thanks for sweet time cuddling in bed with my boys last night until we all fell asleep. Thanks for a husband who took the boys to their beds and let me stay asleep. Thanks for the smell of warm Lenten pretzels baking on a rainy day and for fun lunch conversations with my boys while we eat our homemade creations. Thanks for sweet Hobbes, falling asleep in my arms even though he isn't really a baby any more. Thanks for Calvin, who is learning to obey and be kind and even occupy himself so mommy has a few minutes of quiet time. Thanks for so many things.

And thanks to my new Anglican, blogging mommy friend, Kerry, who so kindly passed this award along to me, for my posts on saving the Appalachian mountains.

So I pass it along, to five others for whose purposeful words I am so grateful.

To Em, who blogs with the purpose of listening to God rather than forcing her own opinions or ideas on the world. Her posts are truly refreshing.

To Farrah, who shares so well her unique perspective on motherhood, the sufferings that God has walked her through, and her passion for keeping children and mothers close. (Her slings are also fabulous, by the way!)

To BlueMountainMama, who fights for our mountains so much more than I. And who also has lovely photos and posts that will make you want to visit Appalachia.

To Missy, who, so far as I can tell, seems to do everything with a quiet and purposeful heart, creating beauty in a simple, everyday life.

To Wonders for Oyarsa, who is seeking to read the Bible as God's great story, and doing a fantastic job bringing us along as he blogs about it.

Check out these lovely blogs, and may you find the graces around every corner in your ordinary, amazing life!


bluemountainmama said...

thank you so much, 2square... it is in an honor, especially coming from you.

Missy said...

Thanks so much for the award-- you are so kind!

Catherine said...

You are so right. I've taken to spending a few breaths each day just breathing in and out and being aware and grateful that I'm alive. Such an amazing and fleeting gift.

You ARE purposeful - well deserved! :)

Em the luddite said...

Yay! My first blogger award! I'm becoming a worse luddite all the time! (I think that should earn me a place among your comfort foods, by the way.)

Farrah said...

Thanks, sweet friend, for the honor. Coming from you, it is especially humbling. Thank you.

Pickel said...

I always thought that at the most trying time of the year, when things were the most dark, literally and spiritually, that we needed some sunshine.

Thanks for spreading yours.