Monday, May 12, 2008

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Posts have been few and far between around here as I prepared for Calvin's heart procedure and spent the weekend at the hospital. We are home, and though I am still recovering from an exhausting two days, Calvin has been up and running since not too long after the surgery. Hopefully I will have some interesting posts about things other than my crisis of faith, as even I am getting tired of that topic.

Of course, Calvin's stay in the hospital was the source of many stories. He was the star of his section of the children's hospital this weekend. Several residents came in to look at him in the recovery room. He was fully awake by then and devouring the information in a new space book I brought to the hospital to entertain him. Each resident who came in was treated to a lecture on space. Several of them asked for his autograph, sure he was going to be famous one day. One thought he would test Calvin's knowledge. He turned to a page in the book and asked Calvin which planet was pictured there. Calvin's answer?

"That's Jupiter. It's a gas giant. We can't land on gas giants because they don't have a solid surface."

One of the residents even got treated to a medical lecture. Calvin described how his heart was fixed:

"They put a little cut right here and put in a tube and went up, up, up, up, up to my heart and closed the hole. Then I was asleep. Then I woke up and got to have whatever I wanted to eat."

Then there was the speaking Chinese to his Chinese nurse, the explaining to the guy doing his echocardiogram exactly what was wrong with his heart and why it had to be fixed, and of course, asking the nurse who was checking his vitals why she kept doing that to him. Really, he was an amazing patient for a 3 1/2-year-old. In fact, he told his Sunday School class yesterday that the hospital was really fun.

If only his parents felt the same way. I am so glad to be home! Not even a bed with buttons is worth missing a good night's sleep.

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