Monday, October 6, 2008

Three Sons

I am slowly adjusting to the idea of having another boy. Three's better than three girls once the teenage years come along. A friend in my Bible study passed this along to me from The Mother's Almanac:

Three Sons

There must be a special place in heaven for the mothers of three sons. Your certainly can tell them on earth. They're those ladies with amused, bemused faces and an amazing tolerance for disaster--for they have learned that shouting doesn't help.

No other combination of children, not even twins, can create so much chaos or camaraderie. Even the most introspective child will join the team--them against you--and like all good players, they encourage each other to bigger feats of daring.

We recommend the advice of so many successful mothers of three boys. Give them as much outdoor playtime as possible, and indoors, set up two rooms: one for sleeping with nothing but beds and bureaus, and the other for playing, with much climbing equipment. With three children, one is bound to be quieter than the others and he probably will need a corner somewhere else.

You will be frazzled in the early years but when your boys grow up, we think you'll find yourself perhaps more treasured than most other mothers.


tipper said...

How sweet-I'm glad she thought to give it to you. And Congrats on the news of a 3rd boy!

Farrah said...

I was talking to a fellow mother of boys the other day. I know you are more used to having mutiple boys than I am, but I found what she said encouraging. She was saying that the first 6months or so was really hard. And now that her boys are older (5 and 3), they play well together and really cherish their mommy. I think there is something really precious about a mother and her sons. You (and me too) are triple blessed to have three sons as your legacy.
And then there will be our girls... that is a whole other blessing!!
Love you.