Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is A Cherry Bomb in the Toilet in My Future?

It's busy at our house these days, and I am just not finding much energy for blogging. Thankfully, with all of the hard work of parenting, there are some really funny moments. Here's what you may have heard if you had been with us this weekend:

Calvin was in the car with hubby last night. We had just been at a meeting where we did a Gregorian chant in Latin.

Daddy: "Do you know what language that was, Calvin?"
Calvin: "Nope."
Daddy: "It was Latin."
Calvin: "Oh! I know that word. It was in one of my Magic Tree House books where they get whisked away to Ancient Rome. That's what the ancient Romans spoke."

They went on to discuss the importance of Ancient Rome and Greece and Israel to our heritage. I'm sooo unqualified to homeschool this kid. He's always one step (or ten) ahead of me.

But, that doesn't mean I am unqualified to teach my boys some manners. They have recently discovered potty language. (Why do all boys think this is funny, by the way?) My basic rule is that they cannot use it in front of mommy or in any sort of company. Basically, they can laugh about it in their room or with the other boys at school. I just don't want to hear it.

Calvin: "Poopy on your..."
Hobbes: "...head!"
Calvin: "Poopy on your..."
Hobbes: "...head!"
Me: "Boys! What did I say about potty language in front of me?"
Hobbes: "What, mommy? I was just saying head."

Funny as these moments were, the best was definitely tonight. Calvin was truly living up to his comic strip namesake. We were out at the in-laws, and my younger brother-in-law was there, which almost always means firecrackers or other sorts of dangerous fun. While I was busy getting dinner ready, Calvin and Hobbes concocted a plan.

Calvin: "Excuse me, Grandpa, could you please tell me where you keep the explosives around here? And we need some tape, too. Don't tell anybody. It'll be a surprise."

Just so you get an insight into my in-laws, my father-in-law did nothing to discourage this. In fact, it wasn't until my children grabbed some matches and walked out the door and I realized they also had a firecracker that someone interfered. Thankfully, that plan never saw the light of day...or set their fingers alight.


Heather said...

Oh my! What a handful you have!

Em the luddite said...

He has good manners, that Calvin of yours. Who could resist him when he asks so politely?

evenshine said...

He's SO like the cartoon character. I had visions as I read those lines. You are in for so much trouble!

Tipper said...

So cute!! Unfortunately for me-my girls were into the potty humor at your boys age-worse they've never out grown it. I just don't get it-how could it be so funny-when I think it's rather embarassing.My girls tell me I have no sense of humor. Hopefully your boys will out grow it!