Monday, June 1, 2009

Just War Theory at Four?

Calvin was watching his daddy play a war strategy game on the computer yesterday. I think my husband was playing the Americans in some sort of early colonial battle, which makes this all the more interesting.

"Daddy, why are they fighting their enemies and trying to kill them? God says to love our enemies. They must not know about God."

"Good question, Calvin. you think you can love people and still fight them? Like sometimes you have fights with Sam when he is doing something unfair?"

"Yeah, but we just wrestle."

If only an international wrestling match could lead to world peace. Was that the original idea behind the Olympics?

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Em the luddite said...

Funny... I just happened to be playing with two nephews of mine the other week. We were on the swing set shooting the monsters down below with (evidently) guns that shot spears into their enemies until the blood gushed out of them, when the older nephew suddenly had a Calvin-esque revelation about loving enemies. He suddenly changed his mind about our guns, and decided that they transformed their victims into good-guys. He then called out to his little brother down below that the monsters were now good guys, and were in the unfortunate position of not knowing how to act like good guys. Our new goal was to teach the formerly-wicked monsters how to behave like good guys.

Sounds a lot like your little one...