Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After these messages...

we'll be right back.

Lots of traveling around these parts lately. We just returned from a week in Colorado doing some training for our sending agency in preparation for Asia. Lots to write about and process.

But the boys and I are off in an hour or so to see my family in the mountains and visit my Grandma and pick blueberries. I may be off yet again next week, but that is yet to be determined. So it could be quiet around here for a while. In the meantime, a Calvin story:

We have recently made a summer schedule and posted it in our kitchen. The boys helped me to make the schedule and cut out pictures to glue on it. The biggest change is that we made getting dressed and putting pajamas away the first thing of the day, before breakfast and playtime. When I went to wake Calvin up yesterday morning, he was naked in his bed, pajamas in a pile at the end of the top bunk. When I asked him why he had slept without his pajamas, his answer was simply, "That way I can hurry and get dressed and have more time to do things." This boy is very busy doing things lately. He wakes up with a head full of exciting plans and the energy to carry them out, all day. Thank God for the pool! We'd go crazy in the heat if we were stuck in this little house.

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