Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing to See Here...

The past month has been so unbelievably disorganized, exhausting, trying (in matters of child discipline), and unstructured. I am resolving to get disciplined, work on the projects I have let go, and spend a lot of time praying for God to help us prioritize, find perspective, and know His presence in the midst of the huge amount of work that needs to be done over the next several months.

As step one, I am spending this week working on some purging and sorting of toys, clothes, and books. Since I will likely not be around much, here's some stuff that has brought me some joy.

I saw it this past week and really enjoyed it. Here is a good review of it from a Christian perspective, but it has spoilers. See the movie first, then read the review.

Wednesday is Epiphany, the traditional day for celebrating the Wise Men coming to worship Jesus. Though our Advent and Christmas celebrations were almost nearly a failure, I am hoping to have a bit of fun Wednesday. I'll be making this cake for breakfast or for dessert after supper, and the boys will probably make crowns and read the Christmas story one last time.

New Year's Resolutions
I have not really made many yet this year, but this post got me thinking. I think instead of trying to change a bunch of things at once, I am going to try to work on one thing a week, keeping at it until I am ready to move onto the next. First on the list is getting enough sleep, which I am hoping will make all of the others (yelling less at my children, moving more slowly and intentionally through my day, praying more, exercising, etc...) easier to accomplish.

This post by Emily, who is very different from me in almost all matters of world view and political opinion, gives me hope that our country is not so divided that it can't be healed. In fact, I love her blog for many reasons, but I love it most of all because folks with very different opinions tend to have civilized conversations there.

Good Listening
If you haven't been listening to the History of Rome podcast, then you need to. It is totally entertaining and educational, and all Americans should be required to study this stuff to understand our own history better and to learn from the mistakes of the past. Really, I don't even love history that much, and I love it.

I'll see you sometime later, after I dig my way out of this pile of stuff!


Tipper said...

Purging-and organizing always makes me feel so good! Hope your coming year is all you want it to be!

wheelsonthebus said...

yeah, I'm not sure why there are such civilized conversations on my blog, since all that seems to happen in my house is people hitting each other over the head with toys.

TwoSquareMeals said...

Emily, maybe we all come from that sort of home environment and need an outlet for civilized least I do!