Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Things are going better around these parts lately. Calvin is settling down a bit, and I am remembering to enjoy him and not just survive him. That means I have time to think of other things and even enjoy some good British comedy. What are you up to? For other Quick Takes, go visit Jen.


Is anyone else as creeped out by Google Buzz as I am? I was so disturbed to log onto my e-mail yesterday morning to find that I was already signed up for Buzz and that people were "following" me, whatever that means. And there is no way to completely get rid of Buzz, so far as I can tell. Creepy! I am actually really angry at Google for assuming I wanted my privacy violated for the sake of their newest invention, and I am considering deleting my gmail account and switching to a host for this blog that is not connected to Google. Am I just paranoid, or is this whole Buzz thing scary?


On a not at all lighter note, I have been following the controversy over the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad pretty closely. I found this article and this one interesting. I personally thought it was not that big of a deal when it came down to it, though it would have been interesting to see what CBS would have done if a similarly understated pro-choice ad had been submitted. Anyway, the whole controversy has sparked a very honest and respectful discussion over at Emily's blog. Go check it out, but only if you can contribute in the respectful tone that has been set.


Lent is almost upon us. We are contemplating a few fasts for this season. I am still trying to figure out if we can do a fast from meat, since Linus refuses to eat eggs or cheese or beans. If we do it, Jessica has some links to great recipes. We are also going to do an internet fast. I may still blog, and we will still use e-mail. But reading blogs, browsing the internet for information, and Facebook are off limits. Finally, we are planning to fast from artificial light after supper. We are hoping this will help us to use our time during the day well, develop discipline, and order our days rightly by practicing mini-sabbaths in the evenings. The boys are still contemplating what they want to give up, probably computer games every day except Sunday.


Bishop N.T. Wright suggests that if something is given up during Lent something should be taken up during Easter. I am still contemplating this. I think for the boys I'll make a cross out of construction paper. When one of us notices another person in the family doing something kind or merciful or unselfish or otherwise good, we will put a flower sticker on the cross. Hopefully it will be covered with flowers by the end of Easter.


I just finished reading The Supper of the Lamb and loved it! My favorite chapter is the one on wine, which Capon titles "Water in Excelsis" Isn't that great? I would put some good quotations here to draw you in, but there are too many. If you love food and are at all sacramental in your theology, you will like this book. It might not be the best reading for Lent, though, as the recipes will make you want to try them right away. Then again, he does have some good thoughts on fasting and feasting.


My husband and I have lately been taking advantage of our Netflix subscription to watch the videos they have available online. Our latest obsession has been Fawlty Towers. If you like British comedy and have never seen this show, you should. How can you not love John Cleese as a misanthropic hotel owner? Great stuff!


Finally, if you are late with organizing things like I am, you may not have planned your Valentine's celebrations yet. My husband and I aren't big Valentine's Day people, but I am planning to make cupcakes with the boys and do this cute craft (thanks to Jessica for the link). They would make good gifts. I suppose we should celebrate and learn about St. Valentine on Sunday, but we will probably be busy eating jiao zi and welcoming in the new year. Happy Year of the Tiger!


markbhorner said...

Faulty Towers (or however you spell it) was my very first exposure to BritCom(s). It remains among my favorites! :-)

markbhorner said...

P.S. Are you STILL not reading my blog? After 5 years? Where's the love? ;-)

Missy K said...

OK, second mention of Supper of the Lamb in my reader this morning, so I must see if the library has it-- it has been on my wish list for awhile!

Rae said...

I agree entirely about Google Buzz. I moaned to my husband that it is as if facebook and myspace have jumped into my gmail account!

I had not heard of the idea of "taking up" something during Easter. I think that I like it.

Chef, Interrupted said...

Will HAVE to check out Supper of the Lamb! Thanks for the rec.
Related: we feasted on homemade jiao zi last night. Oh MY. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link!

I enjoy Fawlty Towers, and just about anything else with John Cleese. He did a documentary about the human face awhile ago that was really interesting.

dearmrsreese said...

I love Faulty Towers as well. Chris and I have been working our way through Good Neighbors. Have you seen it? It's a British comedy about a couple living in the suburbs who decide to live a self sufficient lifestyle. Netflix also has this online.

TwoSquareMeals said...

Mark, you are in my reader. I just never comment on blogs.

Definitely Missy. I call it a sacramental cookbook. He can be a little persnickety about some things, but it was a good read.

Rae, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Buzz!

Chef, I saw the jiao zi...way to go.

Jessica, I love John Cleese, too.

Anil P said...

It's strange that Google actually thought folks would not mind networking with those they communicate by email. Social Networking and Email are two different needs.

Tipper said...

Nice quick takes! Love the new header : )