Saturday, March 20, 2010

The R2D2 Cake

I'm no cake decorator, but this one turned out okay. I used a couple of ideas from other folks on the web. It was much easier than the space shuttles I made for Calvin's 4th and Hobbes' 3rd. Hobbes liked it, anyway...almost as much as the big bag of candy he got from Grandpa. We had a lovely birthday party for Hobbes and Auntie M today. The weather was warm and sunny and perfect for a picnic by the waterfall at the farm. Couldn't have been better.


Jessica said...

Wow, that's amazing!

And here's the real compliment: I wasn't paying attention to which button I was clicking on my RSS feedreader, and I saw that picture and thought, "oh, it must be the Sunday Sweets post from Cakewrecks!" (The Sunday Sweets post on Cakewrecks is a weekly feature on that blog that features pretty and creative cakes from bakeries around the country.) So I thought it was pretty awesome when I thought it was a professional making it! And to know that you did that yourself? Wow!


TwoSquareMeals said...

Wow, Jessica, I am humbled. Maybe if you saw it up close you would see that it's definitely homemade. I'm not that great at cake decorating, but this one was actually pretty easy. There are plenty of messy places, though, where the icing and cake are all crumbled together. Luckily, the cake was yellow and not chocolate.

Truly, this is one of the first cakes I've made that didn't involve a lot of help from my mom and/or a major disaster. I used a 9x13 for the body and leg pieces and a 9 inch round for the head and feet.

Daniele said...

You go, girl! So glad it turned out so well!

Chef, Interrupted said...

I have to join in the praise. Strong work! The force was clearly strong in you.

evenshine said...

I, too, have to bow at the altar of caketalent. Amazing work.

Oh, and love the new header pic.

Jessica said...

Just found this as I was searching for R2D2 cakes. I found the original tutorial and then noticed your comment that you had a link to your blog. Thanks--this looks beautiful and very doable for me and my son this week! We are making a cake together for a Cub Scout event.