Friday, January 11, 2008


Sometimes Calvin is even funnier than his namesake.

Last night, his nasty post-cold cough woke him. As we sat in the bathroom helping him clear his chest, he cried. "Oh, I'm having a yucky day today! I do not want my day to be yucky!"

Yesterday at lunch, he asked his aunt why she put lemon in her water. She told him it gives the water a slight taste of lemon, and she let him try it. His comment: "Mmm. That tastes slighty."

A few nights ago, as he was listening to his nighttime lullaby CD and we were watching a movie, we heard this from his room: "But I don't even know what twilight is!"

And the best for last. Last Thursday, my brother-in-law watched the boys while we had a meeting for church. When we came home, he said that Calvin had gotten out of bed to go to the potty. He demanded his privacy, but after about ten minutes had passed, my BIL went in to check on the boy. He was sitting in the sink completely naked. He looked up at his uncle and said, completely innocently, "Why am I sitting in the sink without any clothes on?" Good question, kid. Good question.


Farrah said...

Why was he naked in the sink? That is a good question. I wish I could spend more time with him. He is hillarious!

wheelsonthebus said...

Perhaps he was practicing some sort of birdbath dance... You gotta wonder what was going through his head.

Mark Horner said...

Only you, dear friend, could have such inquisitive children!