Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On the ninth day of Christmas... true love gave to me some crafting ability.

Oh, how I wish. Instead, the boys and I made this adorable gingerbread house (or as Calvin was calling it, "man house." I guess he was confusing it with our gingerbread men.) Does everyone see those mad decorating skills? Nope, Hobbes wasn't in charge of the icing. I know it looks like an almost 2-year-old did it, but it was all me. Hobbes actually did an excellent job of decorating the roof of the house. Calvin, on the other hand, was more interested in eating the candy. And, lest you envy my "man house" decorating ability too much, I didn't even make the gingerbread or the icing. That's right, readers, this gingerbread house came straight from the box. Thank God for crafting "kits," or this mom would be in big trouble.

More substantial posts soon, I promise.

1 comment:

Farrah said...

Kit or not kit, that is an excellent "man house!" Give yourself some much due credit. :)