Saturday, August 9, 2008

Market Meals

My bloggy friend, Kerry, has just started a new blog about eating locally and seasonally. Go over and check it out. I'm nearly a day late, but wanted to get up a post about this week's trip to the farmer's market.

Since we've subscribed to a CSA, farmer's market trips have become a lot less stressful around here. Since I get enough veggies and eggs for the week in my produce box, I don't have to depend on Saturday morning shopping at the market to fill up the fridge. It was especially good early on in this pregnancy (see announcement in my last post), when looking at vegetables did me in. Even though I am not under pressure to get the pick of the crop, I still like to get to the market early. I usually buy some bread for our lunch, and the one European-style baker sells out quickly!

The Saturdays when I make it to market are some of my favorite days around our house. I usually leave before the hubby and boys are awake, and come back with a basket of goodies. Though some are for use during the week, like the two pasture-raised chickens I bought this week, I always buy the makings of a yummy market lunch to be eaten up that day.

This week, I came home with breakfast and lunch in my bag, and even something to add to dinner.

Cinnamon Roll for hubby
Cinnamon Roll and Grape Empanada for the boys
Chocolate Croissant for me (yum!)

freshly baked Batard
lovely little cucumbers
farmer's cheese (my kids' favorite market food)
sliced tomatoes (from my CSA)
watermelon (also from my CSA)

If we were eating at home, I would roast one of the chickens I bought. Since we aren't, I am taking a salad made with mozzarella from the farmer's market, tomatoes from my CSA, and basil from my front porch pot.

I also bought some grapes, peaches, and potatoes. Even with all of that, I had enough left over to buy a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten our seasonal, local table.

Hope your day was as good as mine!


MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - I love the flowers!

Kerry said...

Hi, Esme's mommy (comment above)!

Thanks for participating in the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have this up each Saturday (mid-day).

tipper said...

Nothing like fresh food! Your trip list makes me hungry.