Tuesday, September 2, 2008

But It Can Get Worse

Update: My friend, Catherine, tells me that Mr. Rogers is gone from all PBS stations. Please consider e-mailing your local PBS station and the national organization, asking them to return the best children's show on television. (Go to PBSkids.org and send an e-mail from the "help" page.) I truly cannot imagine my kids growing up without Fred Rogers' compassionate, respectful, and loving way of interacting with children. It just makes me sooooo sad.

Unfortunately, things have gone downhill since yesterday.

My team lost. In overtime. With a missed field goal. To and unranked team. They looked terrible.

And then I just discovered that Mr. Rogers is no longer being shown on our local PBS station. No Mr.Rogers?!?!? It makes me sad to think my kids suddenly won't have access to him anymore. We can't buy DVD's because Mr.Rogers is only available on PBS, no videos for sale. I am almost as sad as I was when I found out he died. If you can't imagine being sad about losing Mr. Rogers, here's why I love him.


Catherine said...

From what I'm hearing, its not just YOUR station that lost him, but all of us....!!

Farrah said...

I am sorry about last night... so brutal! I think I heard you scream all the way from NC. I know you would have heard me. Total Heartbreaker!!

Whoever owns the rights to the Mr Rogers DVD and decides if they are released is missing out on a HUGE market. We would all buy them!!! They are foolish to not put them out there. Maybe now they will.