Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"...o' mice an' men..."

a post for those of you who always tell me how well-behaved my children are...

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men...

  • pick boys up at preschool
  • unload groceries
  • read books with boys
  • settle Hobbes in bed while Calvin has quiet time
  • settle Calvin down for a nap
  • do some work and rest a bit
  • put bread in bread machine for dinner
  • have snack time and do a craft for Daddy's birthday
  • pick up veggie box from CSA
  • cook dinner to serve with yummy bread while boys play or watch video
  • welcome hubby home for dinner and birthday
...Gang aft agley,
  • pick up boys from preschool
  • unload groceries
  • read books with boys
  • settle Hobbes in bed while Calvin has quiet time (so far so good)
  • casually mention to Calvin that he might want to try a nap
  • spend next 30 minutes trying to calm Calvin's emotional meltdown and convince him that holding him gently is not hurting him, just keeping him from hurting himself or me
  • send Calvin to bed with a book while I rock a completely awake Hobbes to sleep
  • spend another hour alternately listening to Calvin melt down, bursting into tears myself, having a discussion with Calvin about speaking respectfully, trusting Mommy, not being violent, and finding healthy ways to express his emotions
  • leave room having completely given up
  • return when a calmed Calvin asks for help sleeping, even though it is really too late for him to nap
  • enjoy 15 minutes of detox time until Hobbes wakes up, having wet himself and his bed
  • change Hobbes and give him a snack, forget to feed self and baby
  • rouse Calvin from bed just in time to run out for CSA box
  • return to wash wet bedclothes in time for bed tonight, realize I am starving
  • throw children on hubby as soon as he comes home and heat up leftovers for dinner
Sorry, love! So much for a peaceful birthday evening.


Kerry said...

Oh, no! I suppose we've all had days like that. But look at the good side - you had leftovers to serve! **grin**

Go to bed, get a good night's sleep and start over tomorrow.

SF Mom of One said...

I feel for you, feel for you, been there, been there.
Hope they were comforting left overs.