Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Wrong Turns and Money From Heaven

Calvin is really into praying these days. During our family prayer time, we usually ask him if there is something he would like to pray for, and he almost always has a prayer. They are sometimes serious prayers of confession and asking forgiveness, sometimes sweet, and sometimes downright funny. Here are two of his latest offerings in context.

Having just finished playing the demo of a new computer game called "Cogs," which we said we would not buy in the full version, we sat down to prayer: Dear God, please make money fall from the sky so we can buy the real game of "Cogs." Amen.

Praying for a dear friend of ours who is moving next week: Dear God, please help Uncle __ to have a safe journey to the place where he is going. And please help him not to go the wrong way on his journey. Amen.

Our response to the first prayer was a lot of laughter. (And there was a brief mention that God may not answer that prayer. I think Calvin already knew that.)

We laughed at the second prayer, too, and he was a little hurt until we explained that we were not laughing at him, just at how clever his prayer was without his even meaning it to be. May we all be safe on our journeys, dear boy, and may we find our way there without too many wrong turns.

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Farrah said...

I am convinced that Calvin and Lucas are cut from very similar cloths. L says stuff like that all the time. Oh, how honest and true they can be. :)