Saturday, May 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes-A Day Late

I'm not even linking this to Jen's blog this week, since I am a day late. But here are some random thoughts from TwoSquare land.

1. I am in need of a blog update, a new look, and some added features. My husband is great at this sort of thing, but I don't want to give him more busywork. Anybody have a recommendation for a good person who isn't too expensive?

2. Also on the topic of blogs, I am contemplating a new blog project but not sure if I have the time to take it on. It would involve doing some family interviews and posting stories and pieces of my Appalachian heritage, much like Tipper's site (which I love!). I have been wanting to record some family history, and this seems like a good way to do it. Any suggestions about the privacy/security issue of such an undertaking?

3. We are at the end and the beginning. My husband graduates from grad school tomorrow! After three years of full-time work and almost full-time school, he is done. And I have a husband back...and my sanity!

4. But that means we are diving full steam into support-raising and preparing to go overseas. Never a dull moment around here. Any ideas for beginning to sort out/purge our life in preparation for a move?

5. I just finished Power and the Glory by Graham Greene and participated in a book discussion group with my church. I am once again convinced that I go to church with the coolest, smartest women on the planet. I am also convinced that Catholic writers will always be dark and disturbing. But I LOVED the book.

6. The hubby and I are working our way through some of this year's Oscars flicks. We enjoyed but were underwhelmed by Slumdog Millionaire. It was too much of a conventional idea of what makes people happy, though the portrayals of life in the slums of India were very interested. The Visitor, on the other hand, was one of the most subtly brilliant films I have seen in a while. Definitely worth your time. We have The Wrestler coming next.

7. Finally, if you are wondering the outcome of this episode. I was not like Max's mother, leaving the boys a hot supper for later. They did get a big bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and were much better behaved. I think they learned a bit about the power of their words. And Calvin and I had a good talk about it as he drifted off to sleep that night. The next morning, he was about to say something about how he hated what we were having for lunch. He caught himself and said, "I think sometimes I don't think before I talk." Don't we all?


Rebekka said...

Re: number 4. It depends on where you are going and if you are planning on coming back, and if so, how long will you be gone? In college I went abroad for almost a year, and then six months after I came back I left again, permanently, to a different destination entirely. They are two vastly different things.

If you are going away for a year or two, pack everything up. If you are moving more or less permanently, jettison everything that isn't a family heirloom or things you've lovingly collected (like books) and start over when you get to where you're going.

It depends on where you are going, too. I vaguely recall something about China. If you want you can email me at rebekkahartmann (at) gmail . com but I live in Northern Europe so I can only tell you what I did and where I screwed up. :-)

wheelsonthebus said...

every night, walk around the house with three bags or boxes: donate, trash, and recycling. fill each one. that will make the purging manageable.

evenshine said...

I second what Rebekka said- where ya off to? What preparations are already in place? Are there other expats already there, or are you starting from scratch? Having been an MK and then an M, it'll be interesting to hear about your experience! Blessings!