Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Like Getting TiVo for Free!

We were driving back from a beautiful day in the mountains yesterday (more about that later), so I missed my team’s game. We don’t get cable anyway, so I would have had to go to my in-laws’ house to watch it. But the football gods were good to me. I am so in love with ESPN 360! Needless to say, I was thrilled when I realized that the crude setup of the computer on the coffee table and the TV tuned to baseball would allow me to watch two sporting events at the same time. This Luddite had finally arrived in the 21st century.

I was able to watch the football game, every tense second of it, and scream my head off while throwing sharp objects, all after my kids were in bed. And my husband was able to check the final score before I had finished the game in case he needed to prepare for the worst.

Some of you may be media junkies who wouldn’t settle for the crude picture on a computer screen when you can have PIP on your TV, but I learned last night that I can only handle so much easily accessible media. You see, ever since Hobbes’ ball obsession got me hooked on the playoffs, I have been inexplicably emotional over the World Series. Colorado losing makes me want to cry, and I don’t even like baseball! My extreme sadness over the baseball game and intense excitement over the football game were more than I could handle. My husband wisely made me turn the TV off. People may be able to watch NFL, record the NASCAR race, and occasionally check on the golf tournament while reading the Sunday paper and checking their e-mail, but I have discovered that I am not one of those.

So while I am extremely grateful that ESPN found a way to keep me from missing my team’s games, this house will stay cable, TiVo, and HD TV free for a while to come. Just don’t take my high speed internet!

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