Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Only At Our House

This was our dinner conversation tonight. It's a good thing this is anonymous or someone might turn me over to child protective services.

Calvin: I like beer. Can I have a sip of beer?
the Aunt: No, well, I guess...
me: You can have a sip if you eat all of your meat.

Hobbes: Wine, wine, wine.
the Mother-In-Law: You can have a sip if you eat all of your meat.
(Hobbes proceeds to gobble his previously untouched meat in a matter of minutes.)

Some mothers use dessert as a bribe. Here, we use alcohol. Bad parenting skills at their finest. I also let my kids have a piece of their Halloween candy before bed, and we may even eat apple pie for breakfast.

Disclaimer: The Aunt and I had one beer each, and Calvin didn't even actually try it. He decided it would be "too spicy" and he wouldn't like it. Hobbes did get a sip of wine. It wasn't his first, but he never gets more than a drop. My in-laws lived in France for three years, and we are all about promoting a healthy view of alcohol for our kids. We don't make it the forbidden fruit so that they will one day sneak it behind our backs, but we don't overindulge.


Farrah said...

I have a healthy view of alcohol.... I need a glass of wine or something similar every now and then to keep me sane. Last night was one of those nights for me. Does Hobbes like the wine when he tastes it or does he make the "I don't like it" face?

Catherine said...

Good for you! I've read studies showing that you are most likely to become an alcoholic if you grew up with too much alcohol, or too little alcohol...just like germs! :)

TwoSquareMeals said...

Farrah, Hobbes is disturbingly fond of all tastes of alcohol that he gets. Tonight it was a sip of beer. He kept begging for more, but we held him to one sip.

Cath, we're the same way about germs. Building a healthy immune system one mouthful of dirt at a time!

Daniel Kirk said...

I appreciate the "sweet tea" picture on your blog even more in light of this post.

I'm happy to now have someone to model my parenting after. Thanks for blogging!

TwoSquareMeals said...

Dude! It really is sweet tea, I think. Now that you mention it, it's just a stock photo. Could be anything...but I really do prefer Southern sweet tea to the Long Island kind.

Laura said...

What Daniel didn't tell was that our daughter can tell you her favorite beer:
"I like Golden Monkey"
and her not-so-favorite:
"I don't like Hop Devil"
Yeah, that's our girl!