Thursday, November 6, 2008

Link Love

My friend, Farrah, makes the most lovely ring slings (and her babies are pretty cute, too). She's hosting a party over at her online shop through midnight Friday. So if you need to buy a unique, handmade baby gift for someone or want a little sling love for yourself, head on over. The details are in this post.

Also, it's hard to believe, but Advent is just around the corner. Last year, I participated in the Anglican Advent Carnival and met all sorts of wonderful bloggers. Kerry is hosting the carnival again this year, so please head over and visit her site if you want to participate. Submissions are due by the 23rd. You won't be disappointed! You need not be Anglican to participate, just liturgically minded.


Rachel said...

yeah! thanks to you, we'll be "adventing" again this year. last yr i didn't read the carnival b/c we were new and your post was enough for us to chew on! but this yr i'm ready to get some other ideas and perspectives as well. so since i'm no longer blogging, i'm assuming i can still "participate" but just reading all the comments, links, etc.?? i'll especially be excited to read your posts. love ya!

Farrah said...

Thanks for the link!! What a faithful friend!! I think that deserves a free sling.... chocolate wave maybe.... :)

Rachel said...

hi friend,
check this out:

good stuff!