Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Name, Name, Bo-Bame, Banana-fana, Fo-fame...

So, we need a name for this baby. The trouble with having a third boy is that we have had a great girl's name lined up for awhile now (like four years or so), but we are running out of boy names that we like. Since you don't know that actual names of our other two (no, we didn't REALLY name them Calvin and Hobbes), you may have trouble helping us out. Though if you know us in real life, you have an advantage.

Just so you know, each of our boys has a Biblical first name and literary second name. We are thinking of going with the same idea this time around. I am sort of lobbying for using my dad's name as a middle name, so if you have a good literary and Biblical name wrapped into one that would help my cause.

So...feel free to leave your suggestions. While we're at it, I need a blog pseudonym for him, too. There aren't any other male characters with names in Calvin and Hobbes (except the bully), so I need help. The boys really want to name him Wall-E, but I don't think I can use that, even on a blog.

If you read this blog, you probably know me enough to know what I like for a real life name. Any good old Appalachian names will get top consideration, as will names from Southern literature. Just remember that we want our boys to be named for people whose characters are worth living up to. No Thomas Sutpens around here, thank you very much.


Catherine said...

I'm afraid I'm not much help as we've still not managed to decide on a name. We too have been sitting on a girl name lo these many years. But there's dozens in the comments section over at my blog if you want to borrow a few.

Also, my son's name is both Biblical and literary. :)

I have been thinking about a Blog Name for your son though...maybe instead of finding a name in the comic, you find a name that fits with the REAL Calvin and Hobbes?

wheelsonthebus said...

Henry. I love Henry.

Daniel Kirk said...

Literary: I think you need to go with Connor for the middle name, in honor of Flannery O'. Actually, you might keep the O. I think that "Isaac O'Connor ____" sound really groovy.

or Walker Percy:

Daniel Percy

(actually, Isaac Walker ____ or Jacob Walker _____ ) sound not half bad, either.

You could also go Apocrypha: Maccabeus (called "Mac"), followed by a literary name.

Stephen O'Connor

Stephen Lewis

I'd stay away from Phinehas, that name's fallen on tough times.

Your other kids' namesakes have a propensity to slaughter bad guys, so you could always go with Joshua as the biblical name.

So there, one of:

Paired with one of:

Rachel said...

girl. we are having a hard time naming our 3rd boy too!!! i'll be pondering and try to send some your way. maybe some that won't work for us would work for you. our last name knocks out lots of choices from the get go. happy naming!

TwoSquareMeals said...

Thanks, all. The hubby and I spent over an hour talking names last night and are still unsettled. But it's funny how many of your suggestions came up, even though I hadn't read comments.

Henry, Joshua, and Daniel were all discussed.

And, Daniel, you are the second person to suggest Walker Percy as a namesake. Hubby says he hasn't read any of his books so we can't use it. I just think he should read one of his books!

Keep the comments coming! We are far from decided.

Daniel Kirk said...

All he needs from Walker Percy, "As long as I am getting rich I feel that all is well--it is my Presbyterian blood." (The Moviegoer)

If that doesn't do it, then this:

"The fact is, however, I am more Jewish than most Jews I know. They are more at home than I am. I accept my exile."

Rachel said...

i love the name Henry! there's my vote for the first name. (i'll let you and hubbie debate over the middle.) and henry just doesn't work w/our "y" ending last name, so i could enjoy it vicariously!

Nora Bee said...

Jonah? Isaiah? Those are both biblical and literary, with Moby Dick and such. Exciting!