Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Observations on a Snow Day

For the benefit of those who have never lived in the South...this is what happens when snow comes our way.

Snow in NC equals a holiday, almost always. Such was the case when we awoke to fast falling flakes Tuesday morning that didn't let up until midday. We ended up with four inches. Schools were closed yesterday and today. Hardly anyone went to work. Banks were closed. Movie theaters didn't show any movies after five o'clock.

Of course, the benefit of our having lived in Illinois for a few years is that we know one can actually get out and drive in this stuff. Really, the interstates and main roads were clear. So after the inauguration, we packed up the kiddos and headed out to the in-laws to enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasted. There aren't a lot of hills in our part of town, so their place was the best chance to get in some sledding. I enjoyed a walk in the snowy woods with Hobbes. Calvin played alone in the snow, the sort of thing that appeals to him more than anything. And we warmed up by the woodstove while I nursed the baby, then sat down with some neighbors and the in-laws for a dinner of stew and homemade bread. It was better than Christmas. And the boys and I got to enjoy it again today.

Summers may be unbearably hot here. Winters may often be rainy and dreary. But snow days are perfect! I love that snow in January is considered "inclement weather." I love that most people get the day off. I love that neighbors' kids play together in the snow while parents share hot cocoa and cook chili for the crew. I love that everyone rushes to the store to get bread and milk even though we could get it easily the next day. I love that my boys are finally old enough to enjoy this spontaneous holiday in North Carolina that those of you up north and in the Midwest call "winter."

The forecast for tomorrow? Sunny and 51.


Catherine said...

Having grown up in WI and MN (and consider IL where I now live to be near tropical in comparison) I find this post HILARIOUS.

I was once driving through Georgia and it started to snow. There was no accumulation, none. But traffic on the interstate ground to a complete halt. Nobody seemed to have a clue what to do...we literally just sat on the road and waited for it to end. I was beside myself.

TwoSquareMeals said...

Cath, I laugh at us, too. The first time a big snow came after we moved to IL, I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed for the door. Hubby asked what I was doing. I told him I was on my way to the store to get bread, milk, and toilet paper because we were nearly out of all three. He laughed and told me to wait a couple of hours until the roads were salted and clear.

To be fair, we often act like this down here because we don't have the means to clear roads well when snow comes. And the warmer temps during the day and freezing ones at night make for a lot of dangerous black ice. Some secondary roads around here are still covered with patches of ice, and the melting snow today will make for worse ice in the morning.

Em the luddite said...

My Canadian friend at school down here said that she thinks if Southerners get snow days then Canadians should get heat days. I thought that was fair.

tipper said...

I'm jealous-all we got were flurries! Glad you guys got to enjoy the snow.