Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Newborn Fog

We are all finally well. I'm praying we stay that way. We've have our share of sickness this season, and I am happy to be able to smell again. (Thanks for your prayers!)

On a related note, newborn baby heads really are the best smell in the world. Really. Go find a newborn right now, go up to a stranger with a baby in the grocery store if you have to, and inhale deeply. I mean it.

While I'm smelling baby head, Calvin is learning to play chess from his dad, and he already understands it better than I. Once upon a time, I was smart. I think all of a mother's brain cells get transferred to her offspring. Apparently, boys take more brain cells than girls (I read that somewhere at some point in this pregnancy).

Sleep depravity and brain atrophy mean that it was the 16th day of Christmas when I finally took down the tree. I wish it were for reasons as thoughtful and contemplative as this. But I am not as cool as Catherine.

Or Farrah. I don't know how mothers parent more than one child without using a sling. How would a person get anything done? Thank you, Farrah, for my beautiful handmade sling.

This adjustment to three is much easier than I thought, and it's not just the sling. This baby is the most mellow of all of mine, and I am thankful. Some sleep is nice. Boys who love cuddling with their baby brother are nice.

Not taking responsibility is not nice. Completely unrelated to baby things, what is up with Illinois' governor? At some point, you just need to give up, even if you have the maffia on your side. I really don't miss living near Chicago, even if some snow would be nice.

No snow here. It's raining a lot, and we are stuck inside with no plan. It is time for a schedule again. Kids really do need it. After Christmas, a week with my mom here, and this week and the next with the hubby working half days, we are all ready. Not that I am in a rush for my husband to go back to full-time work.

What should I do with my "free time" next week while hubby is home. Should I read "The Shack"? Everyone's doing it, at least in Evangelical circles (which usually makes me NOT want to read something). But several folks I really respect have read it and found it worth the time.

I really need to update this page, tagline, links to current blogs in my reader, new design. Oh to know how to do those things without my husband's help...maybe I should learn.

New Year's Resolutions. Are they worth it? Is now the time for me to be making plans for improving myself (or learning to do CSS designs)?

Are you still with me. If so, you must have too much time on your hands. Wanna come clean my bathrooms?

If you have stuck around for this dry spell, I hope to be back sometime soon. I am not enough of a planner to have written posts and have them in the wings for the postpartum days. Maybe I'll repost some old stuff for a couple of weeks until we get our footing here.


Anonymous said...

I had never heard the sucking brain cells theory, that explains everything!!! Maybe you loose even more with each grandchild...if so, at least I have my excuse.

wheelsonthebus said...

this third baby is definitely my sweetest with the best disposition. i like good big brothers, too

Em the luddite said...

Do Calvin and Hobbes enjoy smelling Baby Moe's head too? I'm glad they get along so well for now!

Kate said...

What should you read? I'm not sure about 'The Shack' - too many mixed reviews for my liking, but as you said, some people I really respect found something in there worth reading.

Have you read 'The Beekeeper's Apprentice' by Laurie King? WONDERFUL!! Light but engaging. And all the other Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books in that series are just as fab. Perfect for those times when the braincells feel like they're drifting away...

Rachel said...

hi friend- good to hear your voice. good to have a place to vedge and just read from another mommy i love. :)

for what it's worth, i put off the Shack for a long time, decided to finally try it... and really enjoyed it. just turn off your thinking mind and go w/it, ya know? (if you want to. if you don't, no big loss.) it was a fun page turner.

you remind me i can't wait to smell the sweet (surely big!) head of my newborn in just a few wks... love you friend.