Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes-What's Inspiring Me

I somehow managed to waste the first half of my week and am making up for it by spending the second half on major purging and reorganizing projects, always needing to be done in preparation for moving next year. In lieu of any good words from me, check out these posts.

And, as always, visit Jen's blog for some more Quick Takes.

This post is from a blog I just discovered. I was saying "amen" through the whole post. Introverts out there, you know what she is talking about.

This post offers some good thoughts about the obsession with sex in our culture and how the community of the church can answer to that deeper longing. I always love Anthony Esolen's writing.

This post by Rae made me cry. I so often wonder what happened to the person and child I once was. She is buried somewhere under laundry and bills and constant, mundane tasks. I miss her. Rae writes, But not all of a woman is made to work. The soul of a woman contains so much more- there is a girl-child inside, ready to play! And her list for finding that spirit of play in the midst of work is fantastic. I may need to write one of my own.

This post on taking a day of rest for the whole family goes so well with those last two. Without a Sabbath rest each week, I am certain I would have given up on this motherhood/homemaker thing a long time ago.

Gratitude. I am hearing God speak this word to me from so many directions lately. I know that joy comes from practicing gratitude and not from a change in life circumstances, but I don't really practice it. This post...and this one...and this one...all came to me this week. It was the same time I was studying Jesus' parables on money and true kingdom treasures. I am thinking it is time to start a gratitude list of my own.

On a completely different topic, but still an inspiration, check out my dear friend, former commune housemate, amazing cook, creative mama extraordinaire's new food blog. Join in the feast! She is cooking all kinds of yummy recipes from her CSA box. I got to live with this woman and eat her cooking weekly. Aren't you jealous?


Kimberlie said...

Love the picture of a glass of ice tea. My husband and I lived in Wisconsin for nearly 5 years. Getting fresh brewed ice tea was a rare treat. Mostly it came from a jar. Yuck. When we traveled south to visit our family in OK, we determined there was a "tea" line. It was in Missouri. North of Missouri, mostly jarred tea. South of Missouri when you asked for ice tea they would respond, "sweet or unsweet?" I seriously thought about starting a brown ribbon campaign for fresh brewed ice tea in the north. :)

I am looking forward to following some of your links from today's post.

Elizabeth said...

Followed the links to #1 & #2 and both spoke something that my soul needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing, friend.

TwoSquareMeals said...

E-beth, so glad you enjoyed those links.

Kimberlie, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading some of you blog. We are moving to China in a year, and we hope to adopt while we are there. Oh, and we lived in IL for two years and always stopped at Chick-fil-A in Indiana to get sweet tea on our trips to and from home. I'd join your brown ribbon campaign!

Tipper said...

Nice links : )

Missy K said...

Hello! I've been more out than in in blogland recently, but I saw you came by Daily Portion a few weeks ago-- oops-- need to dust off my own blog!

And this morning I am editing photos and listening to Nanci Griffith, and of course thought of you! Came here to see your inspiring list, and several of the links are lovely places that have been lifting me too.

So thanks for the visits and the smile and the doses of lovely.