Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm calling the President tomorrow. What are you doing?

Update. I did it! Calling the White House was pretty empowering. Isn't it amazing we have a country where we can do that?

I'm not usually very forceful or strongly opinionated on this blog, but some things just make me mad, and I have to speak up.

If you have a few minutes...and we all do. Help me save a mountain.

Blasting has begun on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia and must be stopped NOW! This mountain could be used to harvest wind energy forever, providing safe jobs and a diversified economy to local residents, if its top isn't blown off and dumped into toxic waste ponds that are upstream from whole communities.

This is an atrocity! It not only destroys the landscape forever; it threatens the drinking water, homes, and lives of those who live downstream. This is not something we can stand by and let happen. People in these mountain communities do not have the money or power to fight big coal unless the rest of America steps in to help them. If Coal River is destroyed, it can never be used for alternative wind power because its majestic mountaintop will be gone.

A mountaintop gone. A landscape changed forever. People drinking poisoned water. Homes endangered by floods. Doesn't anyone care?

Will you help me? Call President Obama and ask him to persuade Governor Manchin of West Virginia to stop the blasting at Coal River Mountain.


Do it! Leave me a comment to let me know you did. Spread the word on your blogs. Come on blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

I did it yesterday.
It was simple. They didn't even ask for my name, I'm surprised.
But it only took a few minutes. I also added it on my facebook status.

Marie said...

So my personal biggest reaction in reading was that this was yet another way to cut out the jobs. My husband's family grew up in Kentucky, largely on coal mining. At the same time, I wonder with those being very dangerous jobs if I'm seeing it wrong. You live there, would people rather have the jobs even if they are dangerous ones? I know I can't see my dad ever having wished he hadn't flown jet planes. . .
Best to you in your efforts. I tend to be disinclined to calls and letters and emails, but since it's you asking and you're awful reasonable I'll try to get up my gumption.