Monday, March 2, 2009


In honor of Calvin's recent discovery of complex math, here is my day (so far) in numbers:

13 1/2: hours both Calvin and Hobbes slept last night after a long, napless weekend

6 1/2: hours the baby let me sleep

2: inches of snow that fell while we were doing all of that sleeping

667: number of church, school, and other institution closings due to said snow (including a certain Chinese preschool)

8 million: approximate number of people who go crazy over snow in my current state of residence

10: hour of the morning we finally sat down to breakfast and Daddy left for work

267: approximate number of smiles the baby gave to us or elicited from us before 10am

4: loads of laundry being washed today

30: minutes it took to get the three of us suited up to play in the snow

90: minutes we actually played in the snow while the baby slept (pretty good, I thought)

1: number of muddy, pitiful, Southern snowmen built

1: load added to that lineup of laundry thanks to wet, muddy snow clothes

3: cups of hot chocolate made and pairs of boots lined up to dry by the fire

4: number of nursing sessions and diapers changed before lunch

1:30: time we actually sat down to eat lunch

5: books read before quiet time

4: loads of laundry yet to be folded and put away

2: boys happily reading and having quiet time on their own

1: baby taking a nap

1: shower for me and some time alone

0: number of fights, power struggles, discipline issues, and unpleasant moments we have had today

I think that adds up to a pretty good day. Hopefully the last 4 1/2 hours will go as smoothly!


Elizabeth said...

That does sound like a good day. I'm sorry to be in FL and missing out on the NC snow. Glad you were able to enjoy it a bit.

evenshine said...

I'm so proud of you- a whole day without discipline issues AND a shower, to boot?? Life is good.

Nickname unavailable said...

what a gift of a day for you! yeah! that is wonderful friend. i cheer you on in "nursapalooza" land! love ya!