Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Auntie M, Won't You Come Out To Play?

The sun is up. The sky is blue...

But my bathrooms are still dirty. The good news? The rain we have been having for four days, which probably contributed to my mood yesterday, is finally over. My washing machine isn't broken after all, I can probably fix my car mirror myself, and the boys had fun at the dentist! When we came out of the dentist, I started singing Dear Prudence because the sun was up and the sky was blue for the first time in days. I could have been this happy yesterday, rain or no rain, if I had just stepped back to be grateful for what I have. I have so much to be thankful for, including Auntie M.

Around here, St. Patrick's Day is known as St. M's Day, since it is Auntie M's birthday. Thanks to a Craigslist pick-up near her house, we got to take her out to lunch for her birthday. She really is a saint, for the way she helps with and loves on my boys. As we were walking down the street after lunch, Hobbes sitting on Auntie M's shoulders, he began to sing, "The sun is up. The sky is blue. We go out and play. And Auntie M is here." Close enough. Who needs Prudence?

Happy Birthday, Auntie M!


Mark Horner said...

Sun after the rain always has that effect on us, doesn't it? I take it we're enjoying the same sun, my friend. I like that. :)

Farrah said...

I'm glad your sun came out!!

Daniele said...

Read this on another friend's blog yesterday, shortly after reading your post. Spoke to my bad mood perfectly:

from George MacDonald's _Diary of an Old Soul_

I to myself have neither power nor worth,
Patience nor love, nor anything right good;
My soul is a poor land, plenteous in dearth –
Here blades of grass, there a small herb for food –
A nothing that would be something if it could;
But if obedience, Lord, in me do grow;
I shall one day be better than I know.

The worst power of an evil mood is this –
It makes the bastard self seem in the right,
Self, self the end, the goal of human bliss.
But if the Christ-self in us be the might
Of saving God, why should I spend my force
With a dark thing to reason of the light –
Not push it rough aside, and hold obedient course?

Em the luddite said...

Sorta reminds me of Calvin's hearty singing of "We all live in a Yellow-Circle Trail!"