Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Baby Needs a Name!

And I thought coming up with his real name was impossible! He is over two months old now and still doesn't have a blog pseudonym. It's time to vote. Here are the options:

A Real Life Nickname
I call him "Little Dude." Hobbes calls him "Cutie Pie," and Calvin calls him "Sweet Pea Cutie Pie Little Dude Floppy Head." (Let's assume that last one is too cumbersome to type all of the time!) There are also the names they chose for him before he was born, "Wall-E" and "Gandalf."

Another Theologian or Philosopher
Since Calvin and Hobbes are not just comic strip characters, I could go with this theme. I personally like calling him "Saint Francis," but my husband says I can't call him a saint and not the other two. "Merton" and "Augustine" have also been suggested. My husband wanted "Ambrose" as a real life middle name, so I could appease him with that choice. Of course, Ambrose came to a bad end. So did Merton, I suppose. This category could get complicated if I don't want a martyr!

A Comic Strip Character
We could stick with the comic strip theme. "Baby Moe" has been suggested, but this baby is not at all like the bully in "Calvin and Hobbes." If anything, he is more like Linus in the Peanuts. I don't really read comics other than C&H, so I am clueless on this one.

Those are my only thoughts. Please weigh in and let me know. Any suggestions are welcome, but I thought the categories might help to narrow things down.


Ellen said...

Hmm, I seem to like one option in each of the categories...

Gandalf, Merton or Linus...

evenshine said...

When I first came to your blog I thought Calvin was for the theologian, but then saw Hobbes, so thought I was wrong (and too immersed in apologetics!).
I like Merton. Linus is cute, too.
Some ideas, from my hero list:

Good luck!

TwoSquareMeals said...

So far I am liking Pascal...if nothing else comes my way, I'm going with that. Family, if you are out there and have a protest against this one, let me know...

...but the heart has reasons that reason cannot know :)

Catherine said...

Having had the great honor of actually (briefly) meeting the little guy, I say Linus or Francis. :)

Thomas said...

Linus is also the second Pope and a saint.

Em the luddite said...

I was submerged in thesis-land when the decision was made so I didn't get to contribute, but I'm glad to see it worked out well. Floppy Head made me smile, though. Nothing like an older brother's encouragement...