Sunday, November 18, 2007

"He's Pushing the Earth Down"

I probably shouldn't get into politics on this blog. I am pretty disillusioned with politicians in general, but I have been impressed with Mike Huckabee in his interviews. He seems like a smart guy who has a balanced view. I know he has a long shot, but this video totally makes me want to vote for him. (Qualifier: I am not against folks coming into our country to earn money. But Chuck against the terrorists makes me happy!)


Rachel said...

hilarious. he's certainly got guts!

it seems there's a rebirth of chuck norris everywhere. am i missing something? is he in a new movie, just had a bday, somethin'?

Wonders for Oyarsa said...

There has been a series of Chuck Norris jokes that have been going around the web for a while now. They are common material for e-mail forwards and such, as well as the odd cultural reference. To see the mother collection, visit the Chuck Norris Facts site.