Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Conversations at My House

I love being an Anglican, but my husband has taken his love of all things liturgical and sacramental to a completely different level. We have icons in our house, we are strict about waiting to do Christmas until Christmas Eve, and we change decorations (at least tablecloth colors) with the seasons of the Church calendar. It's no surprise that our boys are catching onto these things. Listen in to life at my house...

Calvin: "Mommy, what do those people have on top of their car?"
Me: "That's a Christmas tree, they are taking it back to their house for Christmas."
C: "But it isn't Christmas yet. When does Advent come?"
Me: "It starts on Sunday."
C (every day since that conversation): "Oh! I can't wait for Advent to come. Then we can get ready for Christmas! When is Advent coming? I want to light to candles. On Christmas we can light the white candle!"

Who needs Santa when you have the white candle?

C (while watching Daddy stain the cross we use in prayer): "Oh, I do not know if I like that."

Daddy: "Don't you like the nice, dark color I'm making the cross?"
C: "I do not like it, but I think I love it. But I don't like it."
Daddy: "Calvin, you're having some complicated emotions over my staining this cross."
C (singing in the living room later): "Oh, my complications, complications, oooh."

How many kids are attached enough to a cross that they have to sing about their complications over it?

And, Hobbes, lest he be left out, is also learning to be attached to our liturgical symbols. Tonight, as we were putting away the cross, candles, and icon we had out for prayer, he grabbed the icon and said, "Mine! My i-dawn!" The child only has 40 or so words, and "icon" is one of them?

Welcome to my crazy world. I love it, though. Having my kids fight over who gets to put the cross and icon back is much better than having them fight over a product tie-in toy from the latest movie.


Em the luddite said...

I'm sure some reformers would have had a field day with the fact that Hobbes' closest attempt to say the word "icon" sounds closer to "idol."

Farrah said...

I love Calvin!! He is so honest and real. I bet he keeps you on your toes though. I may have one like him on my hands...