Thursday, November 15, 2007


Several bloggers are using this month to write posts about things that they are thankful for. That is part of the reason I signed up with NaBloPoMo. (I'm as tired of typing it as you are of reading it.) But I think being forced to write every day made me enjoy it less. I am still hoping to cultivate some gratitude through writing this month, and today is a day to be grateful for so many things...

...for the rain that fell this morning

...for the moment of peace looking down at Hobbes' beautifully long eyelashes spilling over his fair cheeks after he fell asleep in my arms

...for Calvin's willingness to work on obeying a little better today

...for the beef and barely soup in my crockpot and the fun the boys and I will have trying to make homemade bread to go with it this afternoon

...for health insurance that afforded me some freedom from fear through a doctor's visit

...for my amazing sister-in-law who watched my boys this morning and loves them so well

...for a moment to read and drink my favorite drink at Caribou while I was out

...for a roof over my head and heat in my house as the temperature drops today

...for my husband who appreciates and supports me even when I don't do the same for him

...for so many things that I take for granted every day

It's just one of those days. I need to practice gratitude more often so that every day can be one.

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Emily R said...

I feel that way about my husband. I think a good marriage is one built on appreciating each other -- even on the days we don't deserve it. Lovely list.